AI Samurai starts offering its contents available in English for global companies!!

AI Samuraiはグローバルカスタマーに向けて英語のコンテンツの提供を開始しました!! 今晩の緊急生放送「AI SamuLIVE」で英語コンテンツを初公開します!!

In addition to providing most of its content in Japanese for Japanese companies with their global operations, AI Samurai starts to offer its contents available in English for global companies.
株式会社AI Samurai(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役兼CEO 白坂一)は、グローバルに展開されている日本企業だけでなく、グローバル企業に向けた、英語のコンテンツの提供を開始します。今晩の緊急生放送「AI SamuLIVE」で英語コンテンツを初公開します!!

Although our website and the manuals have been provided in English, we are now offering videos.
It would be appreciated if you take a look at the first video where our staff has explained about our new product AI Samurai DELTA.

AI Samurai DELTA

  1. Even if you are searching for a Chinese patent, you only need to enter the content of the invention in English or Japanese
    Since it is automatically translated, you can use Chinese patent search in the same way as English patent search.
    We have introduced an intuitive user interface that can be operated intuitively even by first-time users. You can enter your inventions in any language. You can enter the content of your invention in any language, including English and Japanese. Automatically processes Chinese patents, from evaluation of the content of the invention to finding similar documents. We can also easily search for invalidation material for Japanese patents, U.S. patents, and other patents from other countries by Chinese patents.
  2. Even in Chinese patent search, the corresponding part of each reference is displayed in Japanese for each component
    You can check the description of each requirement with the corresponding paragraph of each document in English on the same screen.
    As with AI Samurai, the “content of the invention” is divided into its component requirements, and claims are automatically made and published. Generates a chart. In addition, for each constituent requirement, the most similar parts of each similar document are presented in paragraphs. The paragraphs can also be displayed in English, so you can check the claim chart to see if each requirement and each It is possible to compare and confirm the notation of the corresponding paragraph in the literature in English.

AI Samurai DELTA Memorial Seminar Part 2

In this special seminar, AI Samuria DELTA which is high quality patent search of Japan, USA, and Chinese countries in a short time and the new “AI Collaborative Search” (a.k.a. “NINJA mode”), which is a function that allows AI to automatically generate a search formula from the content of your invention, have been introduced. AI Samurai will also touch on how to proceed with the “Digital Transformation”. Mr. Takeshi Sasaki, President of TLO Kyoto, will also speak on how to strengthen Japan’s technological competitiveness from both corporate and academic perspectives. Mr. Yu Miyazawa, patent attorney of Toyota Technical Development Corporation, will talk about “AI The lecture will be titled “Examples of Effective Use and Future Challenges”.
100 participants will be selected from among those who participated in the seminar and filled out a questionnaire. We will provide those selected participants with a pass (ID) to use AI Samurai® for free (If you provided a free pass (ID) at the seminar on June 17, you are not eligible)!!
There will be time for a question and answer session, so please feel free to join us.

<Outline of Seminar>

Date and time: Friday, July 3, 2020 / 15:00 – 17:30
Venue: Online YouTube Live (URL to access the event will be provided separately to those who have applied)
Target audience: People in charge of intellectual property and management strategy who are interested in IP strategies
Participation fee: Free of charge
Language: only in Japanese

How to register for the July 3rd seminar.
Application URL:
Application date: Thursday, July 2, 2020
Please note that due to the number of registrants, we will use a lottery system if there are too many applications.
Please note that the above information is subject to change. Please be sure to check our website for the latest information.

​Information about AI Samurai Inc.

CEO:Hajime Shirasaka
Established:Septemeber 11, 2015
Address:1-6-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Capital:JPY 499 Million(as of August 31, 2019)
Business:IT service for Intellectual Property Business

Contact Information

Name: Shinsuke Okabe

株式会社AI Samuraiはこれまでれまでの弊社ホームページの英語ページや英語でのマニュアル提供に加えて、英語による動画の提供も増やしていきたいと思います。
まずは一つ目となる英語の動画においては、弊社が新しくリリースした『AI Samurai DELTA』について説明をしておりますので、ぜひ、ご覧ください。

AI Samurai DELTA


従来のAI Samurai®同様、「発明内容」を構成要件ごとに分割し、自動的にクレームチャートを生成します。さらに構成要件ごとに、各類似文献の中から類似度の最も高い箇所を段落単位で提示。段落の表示は日本語での表示も出来るので、クレームチャートを確認しながら、各構成要件と各文献の該当段落の表記を日本語で比較確認することが可能です。

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