• 白坂一

    Hajime Shirasaka – Representative director, CEO

    Graduated from the department of science and engineering at National Defense Academy of Japan. Completed Department of Environment and Information Studies in the graduate school of Yokohama National University.
    Registered in FUJIFILM Corporation for eight years for research and development of image processing through machine learning.
    Established Shirasaka & Patent Partners and served concurrently as the company of big data analysis, listed in NASDAQ.
    Established AI Samurai Inc. (former Gold IP) in 2015. Founder of Shirasaka & Patent Partners, patent attorney, and commissioner of the Association of Intellectual Property Education.

  • 播磨 里江子

    Rieko Harima – Director

    Graduated from Department of science at Keio University and completed industrial engineering in the graduate school of Keio University.
    Became interested in the patent as a child after seeing tetrapods on the coast. Received patent attorney qualifications while still in school.
    Served patent law office and company IP department, and inaugurated as the executive of Shirasaka & Patent Partners. Inaugurated as COO of AI Samurai Inc. (former Gold IP) in 2016.
    Patent attorney and commissioner of Tokyo Medical-engineering cooperation HUB mechanism APM and IP Education Support of Japan Patent Attorneys Association.

  • 谷口 正巳

    Masami Yaguchi – Director

    He joined AI Samurai in 2017. He has over 30 years in management positions in finance and administration for listing companies and venture companies.
    He served as CFO at FRONTEO Inc and CMA・CGM Japan Inc. and also worked in various finance roles, including operations controller and senior manager of tax and treasury at Applied Materials Japan for 20 years.

Outside directors

  • 西村 由美子

    Yumiko Nishimura

    Graduated from Ochanomizu University and completed graduate school at Ochanomizu University. Served as an assistant in Ochanomizu University and moved to the US in 1989.
    Served in Asia-Pacific research institute at Stanford University since 1991.
    Independently served as producer and consultant since 2004.
    Resides in Silicon Valley in the US.

  • shimizu misao

    Misao Shimizu

    Graduated from Department of Law at Tokyo University.
    Successively served in Intellectual Property Department of Tokyo High Court and Tokyo District Court as a judge.
    Served as director of High Court of Intellectual Property (2017 to 2018)
    Registered as a patent attorney in 2019. Expert partner of YANAGIDA & PARTNERS. Part-time lecturer of Waseda Univercity and Law school of Waseda University, Guest professor of Law school at Keio University.

  • Takemori Shinya

    OSAKA University Venture Capital Co., Ltd.


  • tashiro

    Junichi Tashirostanding statutory auditor

    Graduated from Department of Economics at Tohoku University.
    Registered in Nippon Electric Company and Group Company for 31 years for Finance department.
    Worked for Yamanashi NEC Corporation as Full-time auditor and Showa Optronics Co., Ltd. as part-time statutory auditor.
    Standing statutory auditor since August 2019.

  • toshihiko kashino

    Akihiko Kashinoexternal statutory auditor

    Project manager of Tokyo Medical-engineering cooperation HUB mechanism APM
    Completed graduate school in science and engineering at Tsukuba University in 1998. Served in Sanwa Technology Research Institute (Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting at present)
    Senior managing director of IKOU-Commons since 2013.

Engineering advisors

  • onizuka

    Makoto Onizuka

    Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Osaka University

    Researched big data engineering, graph mining, data mining, etc.

  • nakajima

    Kengo Nakajima

    monoAI technology Co., Ltd.
    Director CTO

    Qualified as “outstanding programmer/super creator” in IPA MITOU software creation project in 2005.

  • mikami

    Takashi Mikami

    Qualified as “outstanding programmer/super creator” in IPA MITOU software creation project in 2010.

Adviser for
Academic-Industrial Collaboration

  • kamijo

    Yukiko Kamijo

    Office for Research Intiatives and Development Nagasaki University
    Professor, FFG Entrepreneurship Center, and patent attorney